Committed to extending the reach of patients and caregivers worldwide

Specialist in allograft tissue and medical device products for dental regeneration

What we do

Vital Tissues is a medical devices company that specializes in marketing and distributing targeted therapeutic solutions for especially dental, medicine indications, developing process technologies, and manufacturing innovative bio-materials.



Peter van Weert

Staarten 23A

5281 PK Boxtel

About us

Vital Tissues is committed to extending the reach of patients and caregivers worldwide. We do this by marketing and distributing medical devices, developing new technologies, and delivering world-class contract manufacturing. Our corporate portfolio consists of allografts . Vital Tissues is working closely together with a company dedicated to produce human tissues with SuperCritical CO2 ; HCM Medical .
HCM Medical, also known as Hightech Contract Manufacturing Medical, is a Contract Manufacturing Organization specialized in the development and manufacturing of biological and biomaterial products.

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